A Chat with a Guardian Angel

It’s not every day you can say that you’ve talked with a Guardian Angel; but here at Kids Wish Network, it’s a regular occurrence! Our Guardian Angels are the generous donors and sponsors who give of their time, money, services or products to help make a difference in the lives of the children we so proudly serve.

We recently had a number of Guardian Angels reach out to grant the wish of a girl named Rebecca, who lives in Arkansas; she asked for a pool of her very own and some amazing firefighters from two of her local fire departments – Bossier City and Genoa – came to her rescue by coming over to set up the pool and fill it with water. To top it off, several of the firefighters who owned their own businesses – B&P Dirt Works and Acadian Concepts LLC. – went above and beyond to build not only a deck for the above ground pool, but also a wheelchair ramp for better accessibility for Rebecca!

Rebecca’s wish went “swimmingly” even with Hurricane Isaac bearing down on the area, and it got a lot of great coverage in her local newspapers and on TV. Of course, we posted about the wish here on our website and a Guardian Angel donor of ours named Mary reached out to say that she was so happy to see a wish granted for a girl in her local community! She went on to say she knew we did great things for kids all over the country, but it was wonderful to see it happening so close to home. She was so very nice that I just had to share some of her comments with you all:

“I believe in your organization because you give hope to children! And what peace that may give to a parent’s heart!

I am a mother of two adult children and now a grandmother to five. Each one is healthy and able to live a life full of adventure and with no physical limitations. So I give in honor of my own children. I pray I never take for granted what has been given to us and that I always have a heart of compassion for those that have disabilities and/or a life altering illness. Something as small as a pool in their own yard may be the best medicine of all.

Reading about Rebecca on the front page of our local paper was so heartwarming. With all the negative news [in the world] being reported, it is great to read about an organization making wishes come true for kids and to see all the volunteers so willing to give of their time and money. It makes you realize people do care about others.

It is great to see firsthand that something you believe in and give monetarily to, is a legitimate organization doing just as they claim: giving sick children something they wish for. It is an honor to be able to give what I can to KWN.”

Our Guardian Angels truly are the best and no matter how or what they give, they all strive to achieve one thing: to make dreams come true for children in need. For that, we send them our greatest, most heartfelt thanks, and the assurance that they really are making a difference in the lives of some very brave kids.

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