Dina – Hero of the Month

Name: Dina
Age: 5
State: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Facility: Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center

Hero of the Month Boy

Dina is a vivacious 5 year old girl. She was born early with severe Pierre Robin Syndrome; Dina has a very small opening in place of her mouth and doesn’t have a tongue. Because of her condition, she has both a tracheostomy and gastrostomy in order to meet her nutritional needs.

Dina has been coming to the Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center since she was born. She has a twin brother, Josue, and an 8 year old brother, Eduardo.

Dina requires multiple interventions throughout the day due to her fragility and complexity of her health. Dina has a feeding pump, suction machine for her trac and an apnea monitor. Dina also has skilled nursing staff watching her overnight. Dina has had several surgeries to help repair her anomalies. Dina has had 12 plastic reconstructive surgeries and endured multiple hospitalizations, with more surgeries in the future.

Dina is a very intelligent little girl. She is attending summer camp and will start Kindergarten this year. Despite Dina’s inability to communicate verbally, she uses gestures and makes sounds with her trach in an effort to express herself. Dina is social and she likes to be around other children. She also loves playing with cars and trains (she does have 2 brothers) and playing hide-and-seek. Her mom reports that Dina likes going to school and she tries to dress herself, choosing the clothes she wants to wear every day. Dina receives speech therapy in school and her mom has a speech device at home, which Dina uses to communicate. Dina has gone through so much since birth, however she is a strong little girl.

On behalf of the Medical Staff of the Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center, we are very proud of Dina for her strength and everything she has accomplished and we enthusiastically nominate her as our “Hero of the Month” for Kids Wish Network.

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