Colby Wished for a Basketball Court!

colby basketball court wish

“You really have no idea how much joy this has brought Colby!”

In 2009, Colby began having severe headaches. Thinking he was suffering from migraines his doctors gave him an MRI and discovered a tumor on his brain stem. Believing it to be malignant, he was rushed into surgery where they found it was too attached to Colby’s nerve endings to be removed. Biopsies revealed that the tumor was benign, however doctors continual monitor Colby’s condition and radiation therapy is currently scheduled to begin when he turns 14.

To bring Colby’s dream to life, Kids Wish Network arranged for a basketball court to be poured and erected in Colby’s backyard. A hand selected plot on the family’s property was excavated and over 15 yards of a monolithic slab were poured to prevent the court from cracking during freezes and temperamental weather. Varney Construction donated and managed the instillation and worked closely with Boxley and Churches Concrete. Now Colby gets to play on his own terms and with dusk to dawn lights he can even play late night games.

“You really have no idea how much joy this has brought Colby. He is out there almost every day and had all his friends over to play. Even better Colby is doing great right now, just trucking along,” said Colby’s mother, Rebecca Sprouse.

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Name: Colby
Age: 10
State: VA
Wish: Basketball Court
Wish Type: Commodity


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