“Cake Boss” wish raises the bar!

All wishes go well, but some go really, really well, just like one we just granted for Gene from Kentucky. His wish was to meet Buddy Valastro, the famed “Cake Boss” from the TLC TV show, and all I can say about that wish is “Wow!”

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but part of my job has me calling the wish kids once their wishes are granted and finding out how they went. I love hearing about every wish, as they’re all so different and everyone has their own unique experiences; no two wishes are the same, even if two different kids ask for the same wish!

The wishes that vary the most, however, tend to be celebrity wishes, because each celebrity has their own special niche that they like to share with the wish kids who want to meet them; for example, Miley Cyrus spent a long time talking to Daymon about his love of music and his love of her show, “Hannah Montana,” while Howie Mandel and Cassie spent a lot of time laughing together at the famous comedian’s jokes after one of his stage shows.

For Gene and Buddy the “Cake Boss” Valastro, it was all about cakes. Not only was Gene able to meet Buddy, but he was also able to spend some quality time with the “Cake Boss,” learning some pointers about the more delicate procedures involved in decorating scrumptious cakes and pastries.

Now, I’d heard from Jill, Gene’s Kids Wish Network Wish Coordinator, that his wish was AWESOME and that he got to spend some one-on-one time with Buddy, but to hear it from Gene was just amazing. Gene, who is a very well-spoken young man, actually had a hard time at first when I asked him describe how he felt, but it all came gushing out:  “It was even more than I would’ve thought. I would have been fine with just meeting him and shaking his hand, but this was even better.”

Buddy and the other bakers really took a shine to Gene and gave him a personal tour of the bakery and Buddy even presented Gene with one of his own chef coats, which Gene immediately donned with a grin.  For Gene, Buddy and the rest of the “Cake Boss” crew went far above and beyond anything Gene could have ever hoped for himself and knows that it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that he will never, ever forget and I know he truly meant it when he said that his wish, as a whole, was “practically perfect in every way!”

So, I’d like to say thanks on behalf of Kids Wish Network to Buddy Valastro and the whole “Cake Boss” team for making Gene’s wish so out-of-this-world. You are all amazing and you’ve definitely changed this teenager’s life for the better.

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