I Loved My Visit to the Wilderness at the Smokies Resort!

Name: Sarah
Age: 15
State: OH

Sarah was born with a condition called spina bifida, which occurs when the spinal column fails to close properly during a baby’s development. This condition can cause various complications, including paralysis; Sarah has been paralyzed since birth and relies on a wheelchair for mobility. She also suffers from hydrocephalus – where spinal fluid builds up in the skull, creating severe pressure – and a brain stem deformation called Chiari malformation. When she was born, Sarah spent a long time in the ICU and has undergone surgery for her conditions. She also suffers from short term memory loss and requires nursing care.

For her wish, Sarah got to enjoy a vacation getaway to Tennessee with her family. Although she enjoyed absolutely everything during her wish trip, some of the highlights for Sarah were relaxing in the “lazy river” at the Wilderness at the Smokies Resort water park, seeing the sharks with her siblings at Ripley’s Aquarium, meeting the cast of the Comedy Barn show, and having real cowboys singing to her at the Country Tonite show in Pigeon Forge.

According to Sarah, she had so much fun that she cried with joy. It was definitely a wish to remember.

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Wish: Visit Wilderness at the Smokies Resort
Wish Type: Travel


Wishes Granted

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