I Had a Great Shopping Spree!

Name: Maurice
Age: 16
State: GA

In 2006, Maurice was found to have intractable epilepsy, which is characterized by sudden, uncontrollable seizures. He suffers from sudden seizures that cause him to drop to the ground; each seizure interrupts his muscle control, which affects his movement, speech, vision and awareness. Maurice has developmental delays, has been hospitalized numerous times and is on a number of medications to try and lessen the severity of his episodes.

For his wish, Maurice was able to enjoy a day of shopping all to himself! He picked out all sorts of stylish new clothes, accessories, and school supplies for the upcoming school year AND he had money left over to buy several games for his Playstation and a new cell phone! Maurice and his family were also treated to a fabulous lunch at Red Robin and were treated with delicious Smoothie King shakes as Maurice shopped. It was truly a wish to remember!

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Wish: Shopping Spree
Wish Type: Shopping Sprees


Wishes Granted

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