I Loved Meeting the Steelers!

Name: Cesar
Age: 9
State: CO

When he was 5, Cesar’s parents noticed a lump on his neck. His doctor tried giving him a variety of medications, but the lump did not go away. A biopsy came back and his parents were told that their little boy had metastatic thyroid cancer; Cesar’s doctors discovered 88 additional tumors in his neck. He suffered through a major surgery to remove his thyroid and calcium glands and, although they were able to save his voice box, the surgery left scar tissue from ear to ear. Cesar also had to endure two years of radiation therapy followed by another surgery to remove even more tumors and yet another year of radiation. Cesar must have blood work done twice a week and he must take thyroid and calcium hormones for the rest of his life.

For his wish, Cesar was able to meet his football hero, Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers along with the rest of the team during a practice session. The whole team came over to greet Cesar and his sister and they all signed his football. He even got to attend their winning game against the Jets the next day and sat in the VIP section. Out of everything he experienced, Cesar’s favorite was sitting down to spend some one-on-one time chatting with his favorite player, Troy Polamalu.

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Wish: Meet Troy Polamalu
Wish Type: Celebrity


Wishes Granted

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