I Loved Disney World!

Name: Takira
Age: 5
State: DC

Takira is a cheerful 5-year-old who loves to play dress-up games. Her favorite TV show is “My Little Pony” and her favorite colors are pink and purple. Quite the princess herself, Takira dreams of meeting her favorite Disney princesses one day.

Before she was even a year old, Takira was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. This is a blood disorder in which red blood cells are abnormally shaped, causing interruptions in healthy blood flow. This condition causes little Takira to suffer through major pain crises and she must take regular medication to help manage them. Takira’s gone through many ER visits in her brief life so far, she’s suffered through several blood transfusions and she can’t walk long distances.

For her wish, Takira enjoyed relaxing with her family during a fun vacation to the theme parks in Florida. She loved everything, especially meeting her favorite princesses and seeing the famous Disney parades.

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Wish: Visit Disney World
Wish Type: Theme Parks


Wishes Granted

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