I Met the Minnesota Vikings!

Name: Kirk
Age: 9
State: MN

In 2009, Kirk was diagnosed with having medically intractable epilepsy – a condition that causes Kirk to suffer uncontrollable seizures. At his diagnosis, Kirk was suffering up to 30 seizures a day. Last year, Kirk spent a lot of time in the hospital and even endured a surgery to implant a device called a vagal nerve stimulator which is used to stop or shorten the duration of a seizure when it begins. Even with the implanted stimulator and various medications, Kirk still suffers daily seizures.

For his wish, Kirk met his favorite football team, the Minnesota Vikings! He got to watch a practice session, take a VIP tour of the practice facility, hang out with the team, and even play catch on the field with his favorite player, Percy Harvin! He came home with tons of autographs and Vikings memorabilia to show all of his friends. For Kirk, his football wish was a real dream-come-true.

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Wish: Meet Minnesota Vikings
Wish Type: Celebrity


Wishes Granted

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