Kids Wish Network Brings Smiles to the Faces of Children in Need at Chris Evert Children’s Hospital through a Donation of Toys Worth over $40,000

Holiday, FL – National children’s charity Kids Wish Network sent a donation with a retail value of over $40,000 worth of brand new toys, games and other gifts to Chris Evert Children’s Hospital through their Holiday of Hope Gift Bank program. This particular event was sponsored by the Arnold & Joy Gottlieb Family Foundation.

Kids Wish Network is a national charitable organization with a unique array of programs designed to bring joy to children facing life-altering circumstances. One of these programs in particular, their Holiday of Hope Gift Bank program, provides brand new donated toys, clothes, games, baby items, educational products and many other necessities directly to children in need through the facilities that care for them, such as hospitals and shelters, as well as police and fire departments all across the country.

Recently, Kids Wish Network sent an amazing donation of toys and gifts worth over $40,000 retail to Chris Evert Children’s Hospital down in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This “gift bank” was generously sponsored by the Arnold & Joy Gottlieb Family Foundation.

In celebration of the fabulous donation, the people at Chris Evert Children’s Hospital decided to throw a little party where they could hand out some of the wonderful new toys to the young patients in their care. They also invited sponsor Andy Gottlieb, of the Arnold & Joy Gottlieb Family Foundation, and two representatives from Kids Wish Network – JackLyn Myers and Jeannette Ridenour – to join in the joy of the celebration.

“It was amazing,” said Jeannette. “To see the kids smile and perk up as we handed them gift bags full of toys was wonderful. It made the experience so real, so touching.”

Andy, JackLyn and Jeannette were escorted through the pediatric units in the hospital and were able to meet the children in residence and their parents as they handed out gift bags overflowing with age and gender appropriate toys. They even gave out “travel sets” of a combination baby stroller/car seat/carrier – donated by Chicco USA, Inc. – to several mothers of infants in the pediatric Intensive Care Unit and the pediatric oncology unit.

“There was this one mother in the PICU who had an infant of 20-days-old and we gave her a ‘travel set,’” said JackLyn. “She had tears in her eyes and she was just so grateful. We were so pleased to be able to assist her.”

Seeing so many children braving difficult recoveries made the whole experience a bit bittersweet, but wonderful for everyone in that they were able to physically bring smiles to the faces of so many children at Chris Evert Children’s Hospital.

According to sponsor Andy Gottlieb, “Anyone can sit down and write a check, but to actually participate in giving the gift – that’s what it’s all about. It’s so wonderful.”

Because of this event and this marvelous “gift bank,” the children of Chris Evert Children’s Hospital now have something to brighten their days, while the visitors were given the joy of an incredible, moving experience to last them their entire lives.

According to JackLyn, “It was a wonderful experience to go to the hospital and see the good work done not only by the hospital staff, but also by Andy’s and Kids Wish Network’s involvement in bringing joy to these special children.”

If your company manufactures or distributes any toys, gifts, games, accessories, electronics or anything else geared towards children and teenagers, please contact Kids Wish Network’s Distribution Center. Any help would be tremendously appreciated! Kids Wish Network is happy to announce that all donated items will be shipped via free freight within the United States. For more information, please call (727) 937-3600 or toll free at (888) 918-9004.

For more information on Kids Wish Network please visit their website at If you would like to donate merchandise, please call 727- 937-3600 or toll free at 888-918-9004.

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