I Went to Disney With My Family!

Name: Nikita
Age: 8
State: WA

Nikita was born early and did not have enough oxygen flow to his brain for a few minutes before he could be placed in an oxygen incubator. At eight months old, Nikita was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a range of disorders that impair brain and nervous system functions such as learning, thinking, hearing, seeing and movement; because of this condition, Nikita deals daily with muscle weakness, stiffness and developmental delays. Three years ago, Nikita began suffering seizures three to four times a day, so his doctors put him on epilepsy medication.

During their stay in Orlando, Nikita , his parents and his older brother, Ilya, enjoyed a stay at the DoubleTree Castle Hotel, dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s Grand Café in Downtown Disney, dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, a trip to the exciting Pirate’s Dinner Adventure Theater and, of course, tickets to any of the theme parks in Orlando.

For Nikita, the fun was nonstop and he experienced all that he could; he loved everything so much that couldn’t even choose one favorite activity when asked! However, Nikita especially liked the special VIP treatment he received at Wolfgang Puck’s Café.

According toNikita’s dad, “The dinner at the Wolfgang Puck’s Grand Café was very delicious. The stuff decorated our dinner table with balloons with ‘welcome’ written on them and Nikita’s name. They were so friendly and hospitable. But when they brought ice cream cake for Nikita we were pleasantly shocked!  On the plate they wrote with chocolate, ‘Добро пожаловать Никита,’ which means ‘Welcome Nikita.’ After dinner, Nikita was wondering: “How come they all knew me?” I don’t remember the last time I saw him in such high spirits, but he danced all the way to the parking lot, paying no attention to what was going on around him!”

For Nikita and his family, their Florida vacation was definitely a wish-come-true.

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