I Love my Galaxy Tablet!

Name: Corbin
Age: 18
State: LA

Wish Kid

Corbin is a quiet and cool teen who loves chemistry, biology, and saltwater fish. He enjoys baseball, especially the Houston Astros, and playing video games on his Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. Corbin also likes eclectic music and scary movies. He is described by his family as being intelligent and focused.

Corbin has been diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma. This type of cancer is rare and difficult to recognize early on. It develops behind the nose, near the back of the throat, and in many cases shows symptoms similar to a cold or sinus infection. Initially Corbin’s doctor speculated that there was nothing to worry about, until his symptoms began to affect his hearing and sight. When the cancer was discovered it had already reached stage four. Corbin has since undergone chemotherapy and radiation treatments as well as required the use of a feeding tube.

For his wish, Corbin asked to have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. He loves having the internet at his fingers and it’s a great tool for all sorts of creativity.

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Wish: Samsung Galaxy WiFi Tablet
Wish Type: Commodity


Wishes Granted

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