I Loved my Cruise!

Name: Jessica
Age: 18
State: NY

Wish Kid

A week prior to starting college, Jessica found it difficult to breathe. She went to the hospital and stayed there for a week, during which her doctors performed a biopsy and the resulting test showed that Jessica had Hodgkin’s lymphoma – a cancer of the lymph tissue. Her doctors immediately started her on 8 cycles of chemotherapy after surgically implanting a port. Jessica is on plenty of medications and must have a blood transfusion every two to three weeks.

For her wish, Jessica just wanted a chance to get away and relax with her family on a tropical cruise. She enjoyed several days at sea being pampered like a celebrity by the amazing people at Carnival. Jessica even got to enjoy parasailing and swimming with dolphins in Cozumel, which she says was her favorite part of the trip.

“It was amazing,” said Jessica. “It made me forget about everything. It was just so much fun. Thank you!”

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Wish: Cruise
Wish Type: Travel


Wishes Granted

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