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I LOVE working in the Programs Department here at Kids Wish Network. It’s such an honor to be able to learn the stories of the amazing Hero kids we award each month. Sometimes, once they’ve won their award, their parents will hop on our website and submit their child’s story for everyone to read.

In fact, I just got one of these submitted by the parents of Kaylee, who suffered a very, VERY traumatic experience that started off like a seemingly normal stomach virus. I would like to share little Kaylee’s story with you now:

Kaylee, who was 5 yrs old at the time, came down with a low grade fever on a Sunday back in May of 2011. We gave her Motrin and sent her to bed. The next morning she could barely get out of bed, fever was 100.2 and we kept her home from school. She said she couldn’t walk to the bathroom without pain. We assumed she just had an awful stomach virus and by that night my husband called our Doctor and he wanted to see her first thing Tuesday morning. By this time she was throwing up all of Monday night.

Tuesday, we brought her to the office and her doctor said it was just a flu and sent us home. She acted a little better on the way home, even had the lollipop the nurse gave her. Tuesday night she felt awful and could only drink, not eat. We sent her to bed with more Motrin and a prescription nausea med the doctor gave her. Tuesday night, she had a high fever and was suffering terrible bouts of vomiting and other problems every hour. We called the doctor in the morning and he said he could prescribe something for the pain. We said no and that we were taking her to ER.

In the ER, we waited for about an hour and a half with my husband holding Kaylee. He later said that he was worried that he felt Kaylee slipping away. The ER staff took her in and put a nose tube in her right away and green mucus started pumping out of her. They were not concerned and thought it was a stomach flu. I begged them to do a scan of her tummy. They did and they couldn’t find anything – it was too dark in the area and they were thinking it was bile and bowel.

They kept her overnight and she was fading in and out. She was very bad and the drain that was in her nose that went to her tummy was draining dark green, almost black liquid. My doctor came to see her and was surprised to see how bad she was. He demanded that she get life-flighted to a Children’s Hospital that was two hours away.

Once there, they rushed her into surgery and 2 and half hours later it was confirmed her appendix burst and spread throughout her body. They took her intestines out and cleaned them and put them back before stitching her up. A few days later she went in again they didn’t get it all. They did this 3 more times, each in a different area. She had to have blood transfusions. She got pneumonia. She had a PIC tube placed in her arm. There were drains coming out of her tummy…she was a trooper the whole time.

She was finally able to leave the hospital 4 weeks later on her birthday. She is doing well now and it was to her excitement when the hospital chose her as a Hero. She really enjoyed shopping with her Walmart gift card after her final visit to her surgeon. Thank you, Kids Wish Network and a great big thanks to Janet Weiss Childrens Hospital in Danville, PA.

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