Garrett’s Mountain Bike Wish Came True!

Name: Garret
Age: 15
State: ID

Wish Kid

Garrett was diagnosed with having a condition called common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) at the age of two. This is a genetic condition that causes the body to produce an insufficient number of antibodies to fight off illnesses, leaving the person extremely susceptible to illnesses of all sorts. This causes Garrett to suffer frequent, prolonged illnesses, chronic upset stomach and painful, swelling joints. In addition, a home health nurse must come every month to give Garrett an infusion of gamma globulin – a type of antibody – to help fight off infections.

For his wish, Garrett wanted a brand new Specialized mountain bike. Thanks to Specialized Bicycle Components and George’s Cycles & Fitness,  Garrett’s wish came true in style and now he can’t wait to get on some trails and ride out into the sunset.

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Wish: Mountain bike
Wish Type: Commodity


Wishes Granted

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