Dylan’s WWE Wish-Come-True!

Name: Dylan
Age: 15
State: MI

Wish Kid

When he was four months old, Dylan was diagnosed with having a condition called cystic fibrosis. This illness causes thick mucus to build up and clog the lungs, which can lead to life-threatening lung infections. Dylan must endure daily treatments with a percussion vest to break up the mucus as well as take daily enzyme treatments to stop the buildup.

For his wish, Dylan met his favorite WWE Superstar, Triple H. As soon as he walked into The Depot Ice Rink in Minnesota, Dylan was treated like a VIP. The first wrestler he met was Brotus Clay, who posed for pictures and signed autographs for Dylan. Next came Triple H, who was impressed with Dylan’s wide knowledge of WWE trivia. Dylan and Triple H posed for pictures and Triple H signed autographs. He even gave Dylan a special bag loaded with awesome WWE gear, including a special unreleased Triple H shirt!

Dylan thought his wish couldn’t get any better than it was, and then John Cena walked in. For Dylan, it was the icing on an already perfect cake. John Cena mugged for the cameras with Dylan and signed autographs. During the WWE Raw match later in the evening, he noticed Dylan in the second row and came over just to say ‘hi.’

“It was unbelievable,” gushed Dylan. “It was a lot different than watching it at home…it was just amazing – a dream-come-true for sure!”

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Wish: Meet Triple H
Wish Type: Celebrity


Wishes Granted

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