Cassie LOVES her New Digital Camera!

Name: Cassie
Age: 17
State: MS

Wish Kid

Cassie is a vibrant, young, country girl! She loves literature, art, and horses. Cassie enjoys hunting with her brothers and also loves baseball and football. She is a big fan of the New Orleans Saints as well as the music of Lindsey Haun and Brantley Gilbert. She is described by her family members as “sweet” and “caring.”

Cassie suffers from life-threatening Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This type of cancer affects the lymphatic system, which is an essential part of the immune system, and can spread from any of the lymph nodes to other organs. Initially Cassie and her family thought she was suffering from the flu, and that her swollen lymph nodes were merely due to an infection. However, after an accident on her 3-wheeler sent her to the ER, chest scans found a mass in her chest. Finally, a biopsy on her marrow and lymph nodes verified cancer. Since the diagnosis, Cassie has endured both chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Cassie just loves her new digital camera. Her interest in nature and the outdoors fueled an interest in photography and her new camera is really helping her to explore that world.

“She’s really had a lot of fun with this camera,” said Cassie’s mom. “She seems to really enjoy photography. She’s gone out with her friends to take pictures of nature and each other. It’s great. This gave her another avenue to get out and do things outside of the house. It’s also helping her get past the things she’s gone through recently. It’s wonderful. Thank you.”

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Wish: Digital Camera
Wish Type: Commodity


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