I Loved Seeing the Princesses!

Name: Alana
Age: 6
State: AL

Wish Kid

Shortly after being born, Alana was diagnosed with a disease called cerebral palsy. This condition includes a group of disorders affecting both the brain and nervous system functions. The disease impairs activities such as movement, hearing, seeing, and thinking and can often cause a wide range of other anomalies as well. Alana has also been diagnosed with severe asthma, congenital static encephalopathy, and has been declared medically fragile. She cannot walk, sit up on her own, or talk, and she relies on a feeding tube.

For her wish, Alana was able to meet her favorite princesses at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL!

Because of Alana’s fragility, it’s not often that she gets to go out and do things, so just having the ability for her to go out and enjoy life with her family was very special and meaningful to her grandparents. They loved seeing her enjoy herself.

“If you could just see her face when she saw the princesses and Tinker Bell, it was just priceless,” said Alana’s grandmother. “The Magic Kingdom was outstanding!”

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Wish: Disney Vacation
Wish Type: Theme Parks


Wishes Granted

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