I Loved my Wish!

Name: Jazlin
Age: 7
State: KS

Wish Kid

Jazlin was born with a condition called holoprosencephaly that occurs when the brain fails to separate into two hemispheres during fetal development. This condition caused Jazlin to have a cleft palate and she was also born without a bone in her nose. Because of her condition, Jazlin cannot speak and, instead, uses a communication board. She also requires the use of a wheelchair for mobility, a feeding machine, a nebulizer and a suction machine. Jazlin also suffers from diabetes insipidus and can very easily become dehydrated.

Jazlin used her communication board to let people know that she wanted to check out some of her favorite ocean creatures in person at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida for her wish, and she had a real blast!

Thanks to the Elkhart community, Jazzy’s wish was granted in style and she was able to visit every park she wanted.

While in the Sunshine State, Jazzy and her family visited Sea World, Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure, and Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Jazzy got to pet a dolphin at Sea World, take pictures with the Cat in the Hat and Spiderman at Islands of Adventure, and meet her favorite princesses and Disney characters at the Magic Kingdom.

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Wish: Visit SeaWorld
Wish Type: Theme Parks


Wishes Granted

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