Timofiy’s “Magical” Wish Comes True!

Name: Timofiy
Age: 10
State: WA

Wish Kid

At 5-months-old, Timofiy was diagnosed with having cerebral palsy, a condition that affects motor functions. Because of this, Timofiy does not have full use of his hands and relies on assistance to eat. His speech and hearing are also impaired and he uses a hearing aid. Timofiy did not begin walking until the age of five and even now he is not stable on his feet.

For his wish, Timofiy and his family visited Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Walt Disney World, and The Holy Land.

It took Timofiy until the age of 5 to learn to walk, resulting in a passion for nature and the world around him. This interest was explored thoroughly at each of the theme parks he visited.

“Going from one part of the park to another you can really imagine a completely different country,” says Timofiy’s mom. “At school, Tim told everyone that he was not in Orlando, but in Asia, the magical England, Jerusalem, and a country where Cinderella’s castle is located (he thought it was Germany)!”

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Wishes Granted

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