I Met Ty Pennington!

Name: Caitlin
Age: 18
State: OH

Wish Kid

When she was just five and a half months old, Caitlin suffered her first seizure. She was taken to the hospital and was misdiagnosed. When she was seven, her doctors finally discovered that she was suffering from muscular dystrophy, which is a degenerative group of disorders that affect the functionality of different muscle groups. Every time she has a seizure, she loses more of her abilities. At the age of 10, Caitlin lost the ability to control her head. She has had two surgeries on her trachea and she is dependent on a ventilator to breathe. Because of her condition, she needs 24 hour care. In addition, Caitlin also has a curvature of the spine called scoliosis for which she has had a surgery to fuse portions of her spine. All in all, Caitlin has endured at least 15 surgeries in her life so far.

For her wish, Caitlin met her favorite celebrity, Ty Pennington.

Ty Pennington spent some time hanging out with Caitlin and presented her with a huge canvas print to take home and decorate her bedroom as well as a gift card for Sears. In return, Caitlin gave Ty a cute stuffed bear and a picture of herself, which he loved. Caitlin could hardly stop smiling.

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