Lindsay Met the Florida Gators!

Name: Lindsay
Age: 18
State: FL

Wish Kid

In October of 2008, Lindsay dislocated her knee while playing soccer and was taken in for surgery. Afterwards, Lindsay just kept bleeding and her doctors discovered that she had hemophilia A, a hereditary blood disorder that causes the blood not to clot correctly. For this, Lindsay is currently taking Factor VIII treatments to help her blood clot. During her first surgery, it was also discovered that Lindsay suffered from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a connective tissue disorder that increases the elasticity in her joints, leaving them more prone to injury. Since her initial injury, Lindsay has dislocated her other knee joint and has just endured her twelfth knee surgery. During these many procedures, Lindsay has had a bone in her knee replaced along with her hamstring and her anterior cruciate ligament; last year alone, she was in the hospital 260 days. Because of her conditions, Lindsay is unable to play the intensive sports she once loved to be a part of and she must use crutches or a wheelchair to move long distances.

One of the things that helps Lindsay cope is watching football, especially when the Florida Gators are playing. So, when she was given the chance to have a wish granted, it came as no surprise that she wanted to meet the team in person.

“It was beyond belief,” said Lindsay’s father. “We had a wonderful time. Lindsay was absolutely thrilled, and was sitting on pins and needles the entire time!”

Through the generosity of several local sponsors, Lindsay was treated to a fantastic wish trip that included accommodations at the Hilton University of Florida Conference Center Gainesville, dinner at the Peach Valley Café and, of course, tickets to the home game for the University of Florida Gators and a tour of the stadium.

During their tour of the field, Lindsay and her dad got to tour the locker rooms, take pictures around the field, and were even there on the field while the Gators did the Gator walk! As an added bonus, as the team were heading into the locker rooms after doing the Gator walk, almost each and every team member stopped to say hi to Lindsay and sign her University of Florida official football!

When it was time for the game, Lindsay and her father were escorted to a private booth where Lindsay was greeted with a cake and balloons along with other food. For Lindsay, it was like a dream-come-true, watching her favorite football team from a private box.

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Wish: Meet the Florida Gators
Wish Type: Celebrity


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