Brianna – Hero of the Month

Name: Brianna
Age: 8
State: Missouri
Facility: CoxHealth Systems

Brianna Hero of the Month
Hero of the Month Girl

The patient that I am nominating had a strange and difficult diagnosis/injury. The patient is 8-year-old Brianna from Missouri. Brianna had been playing in her playroom when she decided to take a rest and watch TV. She was using the wheel/axel of a toy baby stroller as a seat when the wheel broke and the long, metal axel impaled Brianna, piercing her bladder, injuring her kidney and puncturing her lung.

Brianna was brought to the ED for further investigation of her injuries and to help repair any of her damages. Following Brianna’s exploratory surgery where a chest tube, foley catheter and colostomy bag were placed, Brianna was placed in our PICU.

Brianna was hospitalized for eight days before going home with her foley catheter and colostomy bag in place. During her entire length of stay, Brianna did not complain of her hospitalization or treatments she had to endure. She slowly opened up to a certain nursing staff and child life specialist. If and until her injuries heal, she will have to maintain her colostomy bag. If she does heal, she will need to have another surgery to correct her bowels and intestines.

Brianna is a true hero and deserves to he Hero of the Month.

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