Nevaeh Loved her Wish Trip!

Name: Nevaeh
Age: 5
State: FL

Wish Kid

When she was 2-years-old, Nevaeh was diagnosed with having the seizure disorder epilepsy after continually falling down for unknown reasons at a family party. The seizures she experiences are called atonic seizures and they cause a lack of muscle function which makes her fall down, putting her at risk for severely hurting herself. When she was first diagnosed, she was experiencing up to 35 seizures every day. In addition, Nevaeh also suffers from autism and asthma. She attends a special school and has to have a nurse accompany her at school to monitor her condition. Nevaeh also attends physical therapy sessions and is on anti-seizure medication.

Nevaeh asked if she could go to the theme parks in Florida for her wish and, boy, did she have a good time! During the wish, Nevaeh and her family had a blast visiting SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom.

Although she loved every experience she had, Nevaeh’s favorite part was meeting her favorite purple dinosaur, Barney, at Universal Studios.

According to her mom, “She kept telling me, ‘Momma, I just can’t believe I just totally met Barney!’”

It was a dream come true for little Nevaeh, one that she won’t forget for a long time.

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