Josh Will Have SO MUCH FUN!!!

I am currently working on funding a wish for a little boy from New York named Josh who wants to meet his favorite wrestler, John Cena. I’ve been working with the Oneida County Police Benevolent Association (PBA), and, in addition to helping fund Josh’s wish, they wanted to do something special for him; I just got this press release from the PBA and it is so incredible that it brought me to tears. Now Josh’s wish is like a “double wish” with this and his soon-to-be meeting with John Cena! I just love it when we make a “double wish” for our children. Read it for yourself and see how awesome this will be:

OPBABadgeOneida County PBA President Michael Simmons announces that on Friday February 18, 2011 that he will be participating in helping a young child’s wish come true. Simmons was contacted by the Kids Wish Network about a month ago and asked if the PBA would be interested in sponsoring a wish for a local child from Camden.

It was explained to Simmons that the child had epilepsy since he was 4 months old and that he could not attend school due to frequent seizures. The child’s name is Josh and his wish is to meet WWE Wrestler John Cena. Cena will be appearing in Buffalo in the next few weeks and Josh wanted to meet him. The PBA agreed to pay $500.00 towards his wish.

Simmons asked if Josh would like to have an “extra wish” and spend the day with him in the Forensic Identification Unit at the Sheriff’s Office. Josh was very excited about going to the Sheriff’s Office for the day. Sheriff Maciol agreed to make Josh a Deputy for the Day and swear him into office. Later in the day Hon. Judge Donalty has agreed to spend some time with Josh and introduce him to the Court system. After that Simmons arraigned for Josh to meet with County Executive Anthony Picente and have a Proclamation presented to Josh. Josh’s last name happens to be Simmons, which is no relation to the PBA President.

The PBA is happy to help Josh’s wish come true we are all looking forward to “Josh’s Day” in Oneida County. Thank you to everyone who helped this Day to happen.

Michael Simmons
OCPBA President

This sounds like a perfect day for Josh and everyone else who will be in attendance. Enjoy your day Josh!

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