Allana – Hero of the Month

Name: Allana
Age: 17
State: Cortez, CO
Facility: Montezuma County Partners

Miranda Hero of the Month
Hero of the Month Girl

Allana was referred to our program by her therapist and the Child Advocacy Center. She was struggling with issues of sexual abuse by her grandfather. The situation and the legal problems faced by the family tore the family apart and Allana was blamed for the rift in the family. She not only had to heal form the abuse itself but also had to endure blame from the family. Through all of this adversity she continued to remain positive and strong.

Prior to the sexual abuse, Allana’s father was involved in methamphetamine and was arrested for cooking methamphetamine. Allana was in the home during this and was exposed to the chemicals, late night parties and an environment that was unsafe for a young girl. Her father became physically abusive with Allana and would often beat her. When her father was arrested, she was placed in the custody of social services and her mom was charged with child neglect. Eventually she was returned to her mother and they lived with Allana’s grandparents, which is where the sexual abuse occurred. Her father had continued to be placed in and out of the Department of Corrections and stability in housing has been a huge challenge for Allana.

Allana is a Hero in our eyes. She has overcome great adversity in her short life and has now completed her GED, is planning to continue on to get her CNA license and work in the healthcare field. The future holds great promise for Allana because of her ability to survive through great tribulations, her inner strength and her belief in herself.

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