Teyona’s Magical Wish Comes True!

Name: Teyona
Age: 13
State: WI

Wish Kid

At the age of two, Teyona was diagnosed with having the seizure disorder epilepsy. Teyona suffers from at least 10 seizures every single day and they seem to be getting worse, not better, even with medications. In fact, a terrible side effect of one of her seizure medications was that she became diabetic and must now take insulin. The seizures are affecting Teyona’s memory and cognitive abilities and her doctors have performed many tests on her. She recently went in for the first part of a two-part surgery to implant electrodes in her brain to monitor her seizures and map out her brain. Hopefully, the surgery will help her doctors understand what is causing her seizures and how to treat it more successfully.

For her wish, Teyona wanted nothing more than to visit Disney World, and that’s just what she got and more!

Teyona’s wish trip included a stay at The Palms Hotel and Villas, dinners every evening and, of course, tickets to the Walt Disney World Resort and all of the other major Orlando theme parks!

Once in Orlando, Teyona and her family enjoyed a real action-packed vacation; their itinerary was booked with fantastic activities and awesome places to visit. Kids Wish Network thought of everything and Teyona had the time of her young life on her wish trip.

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