I Love My Wagon and a Sensory Toys!

Name: Keyvon
Age: 8
State: MI

Wish Kid

Keyvon is a loving little 8-year-old with a happy personality. He loves listening to all sorts of music and watching cartoons. His favorite types of toys are sensory toys – ones that make noise and light up. Keyvon also likes going to school, riding in the car and playing in the pool.

Keyvon was born with a hole in his heart and a condition called cerebral palsy that interrupts the communication from his brain to his body’s muscles. He also suffers from asthma and hearing loss, for which he must wear a hearing aid. Keyvon cannot walk and is confined to a wheelchair or a stroller and he can only eat pureed foods. In addition, Keyvon does not talk, but communicates through shaking his head, clapping, pointing and smiling.

For his wish, Keyvon got a wagon to ride in and some new sensory toys to play with. He’s having a blast and is really happy his wish was granted!

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