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I want to tell you all an amazing story of divine coincidence that Jill just told everyone about, regarding Alex, one of her wish kids. Of course, no good story can start without “Once Upon a Time,” so here you go:

Once upon a time there was a little girl from Greenwood, Indiana named Anna whose doctors thought she would not live to see her second birthday. Though she surpassed their expectations, Anna lived with a genetic condition called geleophysic dysplasia that had her fighting for her every breath even with the assistance of breathing devices. Against all odds and many obstacles, Anna lived every day to its fullest and one of the things she loved most was to go shopping.

During one of her shopping outings, Anna let her dad know that she wanted to ride a coin-operated ride, so he began moving her oxygen tank from her wheelchair to the ride so that she could breathe. Unfortunately, when the weight of the heavy tank was lifted from the wheelchair, the chair tipped and Anna’s breathing tube came out of her neck. Although an ambulance was dispatched quickly, Anna began losing a lot of blood and was turning blue while everyone was waiting for it. Out of nowhere a female nurse stepped forward and helped save Anna’s life. When he had a chance, Anna’s dad found out the nurse’s name and that she was a foster parent with a special needs child.

In 2006, Anna and her family started a non-profit organization called Anna’s Celebration of Life Foundation, “whose main objective is to help ensure that area children with special needs are afforded the joy of celebrating their ‘specialness.’” Unfortunately, Anna succumbed to her illness in 2008, and the Foundation continues on in her honor.

Earlier this year, Beccah, who works for Anna’s Celebration of Life Foundation, received a letter from Jill (one of our Wish Coordinators) asking for their Foundation’s help in granting the wish of a little boy with special needs. Anna’s dad, Pete, gave Jill a call to find out more about the boy, whose name is Alex, and she let him know that he was suffering from a brain defect that caused many developmental delays, that he was from Greenwood (just like Anna), that he wanted a hot tub installed at his house for his wish and that he was a foster child. Pete, remembering that harrowing day at the mall where an angel of a nurse saved the life of his little girl, asked Jill to give his information to Alex’s foster mom to find out if, indeed, she was the “Guardian Angel” nurse. One phone call later, it was confirmed that Alex’s foster mom helped save little Anna’s life at a mall a few years back.

According to Beccah at Anna’s Celebration of Life Foundation, it was all Anna’s doing: “Not only has Anna given us the opportunity to help our 100th child BUT to give back to this woman who helped save her that day in the Greenwood mall.”

Now little Alex will be getting his hot tub installed through the help of Kids Wish Network and Anna’s Celebration of Life Foundation and his foster mom will be able to reconnect with the family she helped those few years ago. Aren’t the strange little coincidences in life simply wonderful? J

Check out Anna’s Celebration of Life Foundation online at and then read about Alex here:

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