Michael Loved Sesame Place!

Name: Michael
Age: 5
State: KY

Wish Kid

Michael was born with a seizure disorder called epilepsy and he suffers anywhere from 100 to 200 seizures daily. He was also born without some of his chromosomes, a condition called chromosome deletion, which caused him to have both physical and mental developmental delays. Michael is visually impaired and can only see shapes and figures. He also suffers from severe hearing impairment and, though he cannot speak, he communicates by pointing at pictures and signing. For his conditions, Michael must follow a strict diet as well as a daily medication regimen and he cannot travel long distances on his own, relying on a wheelchair for mobility.

When asked what he wanted for his wish, Michael pointed at pictures of slides and pictures of Elmo, a character from the “Sesame Street” TV show; what better way to combine his two wishes than with a few days of fun at Sesame Place, the “Sesame Street” theme park!

At Sesame Place, Michael got to experience the thrill of his very first roller coaster ride and he could not get enough, signing that he wanted “more, more, more” when each ride was over. Michael also went to enjoy the fun of the Elmo show and, according to his mom, he sat longer than he’s ever sat for any one thing before; everyone was amazed.

In addition to the trip to Sesame Place, Michael and his family also visited the Please Touch Museum, where every exhibit is hands-on. Michael loved going through the rooms and feeling his way through the interesting exhibits and play areas.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip and Michael isn’t soon to forget the fun he experienced on his wish trip.

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