I Loved Disney World!

Name: Hayden
Age: 5
State: MI

Wish Kid

Hayden is a creative little 5-year-old with a passion for the great outdoors and the Old West, especially cowboys, Indians and anything to do with Daniel Boone. Hayden also enjoys playing army complete with green army men and helicopters, building things with his Legos, swimming and riding his bike. He also loves Disney’s “Toy Story” movies and listening to music.

When Hayden was just 3-months-old, he was diagnosed with having cystic fibrosis, a devastating lung disease that clogs the lungs, liver, pancreas and other intestines with mucus. This condition often leads to other lung infections and digestive issues. As an infant, Hayden was having such a hard time dealing with his illness that his doctors feared the worst. However, Hayden pulled through and he must now suffer nightly G-tube feedings as well as daily percussion vest and nebulizer treatments. He must also follow a strict diet and medication regimen that includes taking enzymes during meals.

For his wish, this little cowboy wanted to spend some time in Frontierland at Disney World in Florida and he had the best time!

While in Orlando, Hayden and his family visited Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and The Magic Kingdom; Hayden says Magic Kingdom was his favorite.

Out of all the fun things he got to do, Hayden enjoyed the Buzz Lightyear ride, the Toy Story Mania! ride and eating at Frontierland while listening to “Daniel Boone music” the most!

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