Derrick’s Cubs Wish

Name: Derrick
Age: 18
State: IL

Wish Kid

Just before October of 2009, Derrick was getting severe headaches.  His headaches were so bad that his vision would blur and he would frequently vomit.  Derrick’s mother decided it was time to take him to a doctor, who performed a CT scan, and determined that Derrick had medulloblastoma, a cancerous brain tumor.  To date, Derrick has had two surgeries to remove a portion of the tumor and alleviate the buildup of fluid in his head.  He is currently undergoing treatment, including radiation and chemotherapy and will continue to be closely monitored for many more months.

For his wish, Derrick wanted to meet the Chicago Cubs, his favorite baseball team.

On the day of his wish, Derrick and his family were escorted through Wrigley Field prior to the game. Derrick was even allowed onto the field during batting practice and into the clubhouse to meet all-star Aramis Ramirez! He was so excited!

During the game, Derrick and his family enjoyed VIP seats in the Corporate Club Suites followed by games and dinner at Dave and Buster’s near the field. It was truly a wish to remember.

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