Antonio’s Special Family Wish

Name: Antonio
Age: 10
State: MA

Wish Kid

When asked to wish for anything in the world, many little kids just want a computer, a certain toy, a shopping spree or to visit Disney World. For 10-year-old Antonio, he just wanted to spend Christmas with his grandfather.

Not only was his wish a little different than most, but Antonio’s situation differs from other kids as well. You see, Antonio has suffered from hemophilia type A since he was an infant. This is a severe blood disorder in which his blood is missing an important clotting factor and causes him to bruise easily. This disorder also causes pain and swelling associated with bleeding into his joints; even the smallest injury poses a potentially life-threatening problem with hemophilia A..

For the first two years of his life, Antonio spent most of his time in the hospital because two-thirds of his blood simply did not work. For this, he endured two blood transfusions and continues to follow a strict daily medication regimen. Antonio is also limited in his level of activity.

During his trip to Alabama to visit his grandfather, Antonio got to visit the DeSoto Caverns, tour the Blue Bell Ice Cream factory and even visit the McWane Science Center! Although he had a blast experiencing all the fun to be had in Alabama, the best part for Antonio was just spending time with his grandfather.

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