Nick – Hero of the Month

Name: Nick
Age: 13
State: Baltimore, MD
Facility: University of Maryland

Hero of the Month Boy

Nick is a 13 year-old boy who was admitted to UMMC for a cholecystectomy, also known as gall bladder removal. This procedure can often be very benign and result in the patient returning home a few days later. However, this condition was preceded by a tremendous story that caused his gall bladder not only to be removed, but to have his bile duct reconstructed using a piece of his bowel. Last winter during one of the major snow storms, Nick was riding around on an ATV with friends when suddenly the throttle on the ATV got stuck causing him to lose control.

All of a sudden he was thrown into the side of an SUV on the road nearby and then dragged several yards by the same SUV. The driver did not stop his vehicle, Nick was eventually set free from the undercarriage of the car when his helmet strap snapped and released him. An eye witness following the SUV that had been dragging Nick stopped his car to help. A friend called 911 but when the ambulance arrived, the snow storm was too severe for Nick to be med-evac-ed to Shock Trauma so he was immediately driven to Christiana hospital near their home in Cecil County.

He suffered a broken femur and clavicle along with a shattered pelvis. He also sustained such head trauma that doctors have told him that impact sports, football being his favorite, may not be a possibility in the future. In response to all of these life changing events, including this admission for reconstructive gall bladder surgery which necessitated a full bowel cleanout prior to surgery, an NGT and JP drain after surgery, and clear liquids for several days, he has simply responded with a shrug, a smile and a “let’s-do-this” attitude. He has truly been an inspiration to the staff and his family throughout his entire experience, and deserves to be recognized as a Hero!

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