My Theme Park Wish was Awesome!

Name: Samson
Age: 18
State: OR

Wish Kid

Samson is a happy teenager who listens to as much rock and roll as he possibly can.  He loves motorcycles and enjoys playing video games in his spare time.  But when Samson was diagnosed with a cancer of the blood, he traded in his video games and motorcycle rides for chemotherapy treatments and hospital stays. 

Samson’s one wish was to visit the Florida theme parks and enjoy some time away from the hospital. He had an awesome time visiting the parks and his favorite of all was Disney’s Animal Kingdom. His mom Crystal said he loved the safari rides and loved seeing all the animals.

The trip was a much needed break for the family. Crystal said the whole experience was phenomenal.

“That was a much needed getaway from reality,” she said. “It was perfect.” 

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Wishes Granted

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