Mammoth Lacrosse Games, Here I Come!

Name: Maygen
Age: 18
State: CO

Wish Kid

Just prior to her senior year in high school, Maygen was extremely exhausted and could not stay away. She noticed a lump on her neck, but thought it was because of her lack of energy. When Maygen was diagnosed with Swine Flu and strep throat, doctors also ran tests on the lump and diagnosed Maygen with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph nodes. Maygen has endured eight chemo treatments and had daily radiation treatments for two weeks. She continues to be monitored to ensure that the cancer is not spreading through her body.

When asked to wish for anything, Maygen chose to have season tickets to the Colorado Mammoth lacrosse games, because of how much she loved the team.

 “We scheduled my chemo around the Mammoth games.  They meant everything to me. In two years I have only missed one game,” Maygen said.  “It was inspirational [during chemotherapy treatments] because I knew I needed to be feeling better so I could go to the games.”

Aside from attending all the games this season, Maygen will be returning to the Pepsi Center for the “Black out Cancer Night” where the facility and team is planning something special in her honor.

 According to Maygen, she is thrilled that her wish came true and she wouldn’t have changed a thing.  And with season tickets, her wish is a wish that keeps on giving.

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