Lindsey’s True Country Wish Come True!

Lindsey was born with a blood clot in her spine that has paralyzed her for life. She is completely reliant on a wheelchair for mobility and she has endured numerous surgeries including having steel rods inserted, removed and reinserted into her spine. Lindsey also suffers from a curvature of the spine called scoliosis, for which she has also undergone five surgeries with one more coming up; all in all, Lindsey has suffered through 20 surgeries in her lifetime so far.

For her wish, Lindsey enjoyed four full days of the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee. From day one, she and her family attended country music concerts from 10 AM to 12 AM and she still couldn’t get enough. Of course, her favorite experience was the special meeting with Miranda Lambert before her performance on the last day of the Music Festival.

Backstage, Miranda Lambert warmly greeted Lindsey and the two talked about common interests while Miranda signed autographs and took pictures with the beaming teen. Then, as Lindsey was leaving, another neat, unique experience took place: there, being driven around in a golf cart, was Taylor Swift, who turned and waved at Lindsey.

“We had so much fun,” said Lindsey. “I was sad to leave, but it was great.”


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