Dustin – Hero of the Month

Name: Dustin
Age: 13
State: Temple, TX
Facility: The Children’s Hospital of Scott & White

Hero of the Month Boy

Dustin is a 12-year-old boy who was in a car wreck in January with his mom and sister, Katie. Dustin was hospitalized at The Children’s Hospital of Scott & White for over a month recovering from his injuries. He suffered from a spinal cord injury, which left him in a wheelchair, without normal function of his legs. During his entire stay in the hospital, he maintained a positive, encouraging attitude. His family was a constant support and they stood by him every day as he continued on in his recovery. When Dustin was at a stable point in his recovery, he was transferred to Our Children’s House in Dallas, TX where he stayed until his final discharge.

Dustin still endures several hours of therapy a week, gaining more and more strength, with the hopes of one day walking again. He has regained feeling in his upper thighs and is now able to pedal a stationary bike. He is also able to maneuver himself in his wheelchair, and requires no assistance in getting in and out of the car. Dustin has experienced a life-changing event, and has shown courage and strength throughout this entire experience, thus making him the perfect candidate for Hero of the Month!

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