Anthony – Hero of the Month

Name: Anthony
Age: 16
State: Jasper, IN
Facility: Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center

Hero of the Month Boy

Levi is a 16 year old, typical young man who likes to be active in sports and is curious about how things work. This curiosity has helped him become who he is today, an aspiring engineer. It also led to a life-changing experience at the young age of five.

Levi wanted to ask his grandpa a question. When approaching his grandpa on a riding lawn mower, he slipped underneath the deck and had his Achilles tendon cut off, half of his calf muscle on his left leg and most of his heel bone. Since then, he has had 13 surgeries on his left leg debridement and closure of the wound with a skin and muscle flap from his left side. However, his most recent surgery left him with an amputation just above the left ankle. Due to his left leg being longer than his right leg, he is scheduled to undergo another surgery in September to shave 2 ¾ inches from his left femur and to have pins and rods placed in his leg. He just recently learned to walk on his prosthesis.

Even though Levi has undergone so much more than most people can imagine with an accident like this, he doesn’t let it slow him down or alter his attitude. This young man has been active on his high school football, basketball and baseball teams until he could no longer endure the pain and had the amputation. The most impressive thing about Levi is his phenomenal attitude and spirit. He does not carry around a “feel sorry for me” attitude and does not pity himself. He simply takes what comes his way and makes the best out of it. He is a true inspiration and very deserving of the Hero of the Month award.

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