Aaron – Hero of the Month

Name: Aaron
Age: 11
State: Paterson, NJ
Facility: St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital

Hero of the Month Boy

Aaron was brought to our hospital by ambulance from a pool party. He was at a party to celebrate the birthday of one of his friends. Although Aaron knows how to swim, the current of the pool water caused him to drown during the party. Luckily, one of his friends found him unconscious in the pool and called and adult for help. The mo that was hosting the party was able to perform CPR on Aaron while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. This mom saved Aaron’s life.

Aaron does not recall much of this tragedy but he does have some damage to his eyes. The doctors are hoping the damage is only temporary but further testing will be needed to be done over the next few weeks to determine the extent of the damage.

I believe Aaron is more than deserving of this award due to the trauma he has suffered. His mom would like to surprise him with this nomination when it arrives in September. We all agree that this award would allow something good to be acknowledged from such a tough experience.

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