Tyrell’s New Computer

Name: Tyrell
Age: 18
State: IL

Wish Kid

At the end of last year, Tyrell started feeling like he was coming down with a cold. As the cold got worse, he found out that nothing was making him feel better and he ended up going to the hospital. Tyrell stayed in the hospital overnight and the next morning, after completing a biopsy, his doctors diagnosed him with having Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the white blood cells.

Tyrell stayed in the hospital for over 20 days and experienced a relapse. Since then, Tyrell has suffered through 22 rounds of chemotherapy at one session a week; he still has 30 to go. Because of his cancer, Tyrell has missed 56 days of school and he must endure chest and CT scans regularly.

For his wish, Tyrell received a laptop and, in addition, Tyrell got some other surprises including a limousine ride to his favorite store in the mall: DTLR. There, he was given a gift card to shop for some new clothes. As an extra surprise, a Calumet City alderman arrived and gave Tyrell tickets to a Bulls game! Tyrell could not believe how awesome his one simple wish had become and he was truly surprised and pleased.

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Wishes Granted

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