I Had Fun at the Florida Theme Parks!

Name: Rileigh
Age: 6
State: TN

Wish Kid

Rileigh, who is described by her mom as a miracle and an angel, is a 6-year-old little girl who loves Hannah Montana and her dog Squeaker. Rileigh’s favorite color is red and she loves to do arts and crafts. She likes to play handheld games and she enjoys reading.

Rileigh was born with a life-threatening heart defect known as tetralogy of fallot. This condition is caused by a heart defect that changes the flow of blood through her heart. At just 12-days-old, Rileigh endured a major surgery to repair the defect. She suffered a major hemorrhage during the surgery and had to spend the next two months in the hospital. To make matters worse for little Rileigh, she was also born with a chromosome deletion disorder known as DiGeorge Syndrome, which causes poor development of body functions including the immune system and behavior development. Rileigh will have to endure more heart surgeries in years to come. She also must be careful not to get overworked and can’t overexert herself.

Rileigh’s one wish to travel to Florida and experience the fun of the theme parks was recently granted and she had a wonderful time! She can’t wait to visit the Magic Kingdom again, sometime!

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Wishes Granted

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