“I Found Mickey!”

Name: Prague
Age: 5
State: NY

Wish Kid

At 18-months-old, Prague was diagnosed with having muscular dystrophy. This is a congenital degenerative muscle disease that critically weakens the body’s muscles over time. In Prague’s case, this condition has primarily weakened the muscles he uses to breathe and walk; in fact, as an infant, he could not crawl or even sit up. He was in the hospital for two-and-a-half years after contracting pneumonia and he has even suffered through a tracheotomy. He relies on a wheelchair for mobility and must use a ventilator at night. In addition, Prague becomes ill very quickly, is monitored by a nurse for 16 hours a day and must use a feeding tube for supplemental nutrition as well as a percussion vest and nebulizer machine to assist his breathing.

For his wish, little Prague visited Disney World in Orlando, Florida and he had a great time! 

According to Prague, his favorite parts of the wish trip were meeting Woody and Buzz Lightyear of “Toy Story” fame and riding the Dumbo ride. Also, Prague was proud to have met his favorite mouse and said, “I found Mickey! I saw him in the show and the parade!”

 During their final evening in Orlando, Prague and his family enjoyed a meal at the Pirates Dinner Adventure show, where he happily donned a hat and “became” a pirate.

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