What’s your favorite food?

If you could have a wish granted, what would you ask for?

I bet it wouldn’t be to build a time machine and travel back in time to meet the dinosaurs. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t ask for a gift card for your dog. Odds are you wouldn’t request a Power Ranger rocket ship. And I know you wouldn’t need a Spongebob bathtub.

Our wish kids at Kids Wish Network ask for some pretty funny stuff. Despite their life-threatening illnesses, they have some great imaginations and know how to use them.

I love that I get to sit next to the wish coordinators and hear what their kids ask for when it comes time to request their wish. Although I like hearing what the kids want for their wishes, I’d have to say I like to hear what their favorite foods are just as much.

When Jennifer asked 4-year-old Rheagen what his favorite food was, he reply was classic: “Just about anything I can get my hands on!” I’m right there with you, Rheagen!

When Vanessa asked DeAndre what his favorite food is, he said he liked bologna sandwiches. How cute is that?

And who could forget Lane’s favorite food? He loves to “lick the cheese off of Doritos.”

I just want to say how much I love our kids and let them know how special they are. Thanks for making me smile with your cuteness!

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