Tyson’s Wish-Come-True

Name: Tyson
Age: 14
State: CO

Wish Kid

Tyson was born with a life-threatening illness called cerebral palsy. This a condition in which the brain does not communicate with the muscles. Because of this, he has no basic reflexes, he cannot talk and relies on a wheelchair for mobility. He must use oxygen, an ABI machine, nebulizer and suction machine every day and he needs constant monitoring by his family and various nurses. Tyson is also fed only by g-tube.

Tyson’s wish was to go to California to check out Disneyland and SeaWorld and he had a real blast. The Hilton of Anaheim, where Tyson and his family stayed during their trip, was amazing and the family felt like they were royalty during their stay. While at Disneyland and SeaWorld, the royal treatment just continued and continued with bright greeters directing Tyson to easy wheelchair accessible vans for transportation to front row seats during shows and parades.

For Tyson and his family, besides all the neat rides and wonderful shows they experienced, just going on vacation alone was wonderful for them all. According to Tyson’s mom, “It is not often that Tyson goes with us on vacation. He requires so much care and most of this world is just not accessible to him. I think this vacation far exceeded anything I could have imagined. I was a bit worried about how to care for him and I cannot say enough good things about the people we encountered while we were there and how truly sincere and helpful they were.”

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