Princess Wishes!

Before starting here at Kids Wish Network, I was a student and I also worked part-time at the Disney Store near my house. Though working retail isn’t all that great, I really loved working for a store related to Disney. Why? Because so many people (young, old and in the middle) are touched by the magic of Disney. That’s why at least half of our wish kids want to visit the Disney parks: they’re so magical! And, to me, nothing seems more magical than seeing a princess in person.

One of our wish coordinators, Carrie, just did a wish for a little girl who only wanted to meet the Disney princesses; you wouldn’t believe how many little girls ask for just that! This particular little girl wanted to meet Sleeping Beauty. On the wall next to me, I have a news article about a little wish girl of ours who just wanted to meet princess Ariel, the little mermaid. Just a week ago or so, I talked to the mom of a wish kid whose dream to meet Cinderella just came true. I think it’s just wonderful that so many little girls are just that: little girls. They love pretty dresses, tiaras and they dream only of meeting a “real” Disney princess. It’s just wonderful.

Here are some great pictures of our wish kids with “their” princesses:


Marissa and Cinderella


Elise and Snow White


Hailey and Belle


Olivia and Ariel

Kayla and sleeping beauty

Kayla and Sleeping Beauty

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