I Loved Disney World!

Name: Raymond
Age: 16
State: IL

Wish Kid

When Raymond was just a newborn, he experienced bleeding in his brain which caused a build-up of fluid in his cranium – a condition called Hydrocephalus. This built-up fluid causes pressure that will do damage to the brain and is treated with a surgically implanted shunt designed to drain the fluid from the brain back into the spinal column. Raymond currently has three shunts implanted in his head which have negatively affected his vision. If he ever experiences a headache, Raymond must go in to have his shunts checked for any sort of malfunction. In addition, Raymond also suffers from Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, a lung disease caused by inflamed and scarred lung tissue, for which he must suffer through daily breathing treatments and various medications. Raymond has endured 200 surgeries to his brain, lungs and heart to date.

During their five day stay in the Sunshine State, Raymond and his family found time to visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and EPCOT Center. He met up with several of his favorite Disney characters, including Goofy, Pluto and Daisy, and he even got to enjoy some of the fun rides! 

According to his mom, it was really something for her to see Raymond actually taking part in different activites: “He participated in things like the rides. I was so pleased with him! He really enjoyed himself.” 

Now, since he’s been home, Raymond has been telling all of his friends at school all about his wish trip! 

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