Bloom, Bloom, Bloom! Kids Wish Network and The Bloom Report

Every week, it is my special honor to write a press release specifically tailored to post on The Bloom Report. Ok, if you’re not in the toy, game and/or shipping industry (almost any aspect of it), you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, so let me give you the low down, the skinny, the scoop.

The Bloom Report is a dynamic online newsletter designed to keep everyone in the toy industry – whether the company makes toys, sells toys, ships toys, etc., it doesn’t matter – up-to-date on practically everything new that’s going on; it lets the whole toy industry know about new lines of products, nonprofits in need of toys, updated information, anything…EVERYTHING! It really is quite a neat tool for everyone in the industry.

Kids Wish Network is a proud subscriber and contributor for The Bloom Report, and we have been for a few years now. Every week, Barbara, our Distribution Director, sits down with a copy of this report and goes through it with glee. Through The Bloom Report, we’ve found new toy and game donors and, through our weekly contributions of press releases, sometimes these “Guardian Angels” find us as well!

So…what do we write about in The Bloom Report? Well, I’ll tell you:

We write about our amazing “Guardian Angels” in the toy, game, shipping, etc. industries and all that they have done for the kids we serve; we write about our latest Holiday of Hope Gift Bank shipments to pediatric facilities nationwide; we write about the Holiday of Hope parties we throw in different hospitals around the country; we write about toys we need for different age groups of kids…the list goes on.

Once a week, Barbara, Ashley or Heather from Distribution will send me an email or come over and tell me about the subject for the week’s Bloom Report. Once I have the subject and the details, I’ll write up a press release about it and, once it’s approved by Barbara, the Distribution “head honcho,” I’ll get to post it to The Bloom Report. Once it’s up, I cross my fingers and hope that out of all the people who browse through The Bloom Report, a new “Guardian Angel” will see our release and call us up to tell us that they want to help our kids.

…and then it’s on to more press releases!

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