My Very First Thank You Letter

How exciting! I just finished granting a wonderful wish for a little boy named Adam, who wanted a greenhouse to grow vegetables. Today, I received a very warm and appreciative letter from Adam’s parents. It made me so happy to read it! I don’t know who was more excited: Adam when he received his greenhouse, or me while I was granting such a special wish!

Here’s a picture of Adam, celebrating the 4th of July with a salad he grew in his garden:

Adam-Greenhouse to Grow Veggies

And here is what was in the letter:

Dear Carrie,

We cannot appropriately thank you and Kids Wish Network for taking Adam’s “unusual” wish and making it come true, and then some! It was easy to see that you put your heart and all of your energy into Adam’s wish. A greenhouse, a team to build it, irrigation systems, growing pots, a heater, tools, soil, books, seeds, seeds and more seeds. You can see the magic of the wish in Adam’s smiles in the images we are sending you, and the wonderful, generous people who came together to support Adam’s wish. That you thought to include Adam’s sister Shannah (see images of Shannah opening her packages) was truly kind.

This has been a magical ride for our family and we are very thankful for the pleasure that this wish has brought to Adam.

As I shared with you in the beginning, as soon as you called to tell us Kids Wish Network was granting Adam’s wish, I picked up a shovel and began digging a garden next to where the greenhouse would go. Adam started planting vegetable seeds in the house in germination pots in the late spring and we knew that even though an outdoor garden could only work at our altitude if plants were started in a greenhouse, his excitement to begin this adventure was written all over his face daily. The outdoor garden was hit by 3 hailstorms in June and another one yesterday, along with torrential rains that flooded our basement on the 4th of July! We had moved some plants like lettuce from the garden to the greenhouse as soon as it was built and not only did the lettuce survive the hail, but Adam harvested the greens (which grew like crazy in the greenhouse) for a 4th of July salad! See the included picture with Adam’s beaming smile and fist-pump for his first harvest.

During the construction of the greenhouse, Adam went to the garden where we had temporarily put in cherry tomatoes and he plucked 4 of the 5 fruits and carried them past neighbors and reporters and brought them to Pat, Jill and Rod and proudly handed them over to them. Adam’s heart and generosity made our volunteer team feel that they were truly volunteering their time for a very special boy. Adam was thrilled that we were able to transfer the plants from the cool outdoors into the warm and humid greenhouse environment where they are now starting to really grow.

Carrie, from a health standpoint, this wish is a gift that will keep giving. Adam is thrilled to nurture his seedlings and plants, and he is so joyful when he eats a vegetable that grew from seed at his hands. The benefit to the rest of the family is important as well, as we share in Adam’s bounty and take pleasure in his energy to explore where food comes from.

Again, thank you for your heart, thoughtfulness and energy in providing a gift of a lifetime to Adam. Our family will share our thanks with your management team so they know how much you gave of yourself to make this dream spectacular.

Warmly and with extreme gratitude,

Karen and David

Adam’s parents


Wish Department


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