Basketball Lottery Winner

The biggest headline in the world of sports is LeBron James’ announcement that he will no longer wear #23 for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Despite weeks of speculation, the Miami Heat have officially been crowned the winners in the King James Lottery. The competition was fierce, with NBA cities salivating at the opportunity to showcase his talents while dreaming of consecutive sold-out games. Stocks for Madison Square Garden, home of the New York Knicks, soared after rumors circulated that he would call the Big Apple home. President Obama publicly declared his wish to see the league’s marquee player play for his beloved Chicago Bulls.

Though the revelation – frowned upon by some because it was made during a televised ESPN special titled ‘The Decision’ – may have come across as self-serving, it turns out that ALL proceeds generated from ad revenue during the one-hour interview/press conference was donated to charity. (Not Kids Wish Network, but to a highly regarded non-profit organization nonetheless!)

Upon learning this, I had a different perspective of LeBron’s motive (Originally I too thought it made him look arrogant). Perhaps because I now work for a children’s charity and can appreciate the effort and financial contribution that he set forth. Or maybe it’s because I’m an NBA fan and would have watched anyway. Regardless, it’s always admirable to see “those who have” share it with “those who need it”. I may not be a Miami Heat fan, but I definitely respect his generous gesture, knowing that his contribution will create many opportunities for the deserving recipients.

HOTM Coordinator

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